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Pirate Taxi Service
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About Pirate Taxi Service

Established in 1983, we're a specialty taxi service in Seaford Long Island adopting a pirate stance to all forms of transportation on Long Island.

  • We answer phones like pirates ... arrrr
  • We give our clients eye patches

Since the advent of international talk-like-a-pirate day, we offer Long Island a unique take on transportation which incorporates pirate lingo and eccentric delivery of traditional transportation services from local rides to airport shuttles to long distance transportation. In 2021, Pirate Taxi became part of the Long Island Taxi Network which enhances our ability to serve Seaford and the surrounding community.

We're not your traditional Long Island taxi service ... we're a fresh spin on transportation for the modern era.



COVID-19 Updates

Pirate Taxi Service is taking the following procedures to help protect our passengers from the coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Wellness and temperature checks for all drivers prior to shift
  • Mandatory gloves and face coverings for all taxi drivers
  • Enhanced cleaning of high contact areas in all taxis
  • Social distancing procedures in all taxis
  • Frequent hand washing before all rides
  • Disinfecting vehicle after each passenger exits the taxi

Pirate Taxi Service takes your safety very seriously and we will continue to ensure your ride is as safe as possible. We also provide shopping trips for our clients where you can make a list of items you need and as long as they are pre-paid we will pick them up for you at local supermarkets and stores. Remember that taxis are an essential service for those in need of rides during the coronavirus crisis and when you need a ride call us and we will do our best to ensure your safety and cleanliness.

Stay safe.




1933 Jackson Ave, Seaford, NY 11783




(516) 300-1882